Do you want to grow your existing or new business?

B2B StratPartners offers business growth services both at the strategic, the tactical level and the operational level:

  • STRATEGY            Plan            Market Development Strategy
  • TACTICS                 Design       Commercial Strategy
  • OPERATIONS     Action        Interim management

These services can be provided on a stand-alone or modular basis.

As such, B2B StratPartners can either manage the entire project or alternatively B2B StratPartners can perform specific market development modules in parallel with and complementing your company’s in-house resources.


Market Development Strategy

Facts and figures lead the way…

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Commercial Strategy

Who, What, Why, and How?

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Interim management

Make growth happen together…

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PLAN: “Facts and figures lead the way…” 

Design and implementation of optimal market development strategy for optimising and growing existing or new markets, based on solid and accurate market research focusing on facts and figures collected in the field.

Key Benefits

  • You can offer better products/services based on real market needs.
  • You can better identify markets that need their products/services.
  • You gain an unbiased and objective view of their customers and their market environment.


  • Assessment of market potential and commercial feasibility.
  • Analysis of channel structure and decision-making processes.
  • Identification and evaluation of Business partners.

DESIGN: “Who buys What, Why, and How best to reach the prospect?” 

A reality check of the presumed strengths and weaknesses is based on the gap analysis between the internal company view and the external market view.

The advantages for you are

  • re-define their positioning and market methodology
  • re-invent the commercial processes
  • re-design the optimal commercial strategy


  • Organisational Audit and Counsellor Sales Training
  • Effective Channel Strategy and Partners
  • Focus Groups for designing New Products/Services/Solutions Development

ACTION: “Make growth happen together…” 

Converting the analysis into action and ensuring efficient implementation of the strategic and tactical plans is the key to your business success and our guarantee for your return on investment.

Key Benefits

  • Result oriented and effective problem solving
  • Extensive network and database
  • International and cross-cultural experience


  • Interim Management and Leadership
  • Coaching & Motivation
  • General Project Management, Sales & Marketing, Channel & Partner Development